Makeup/body art

Face Painting adds a pop of color and fun to any festival, party, or event.  We have done birthday parties, weddings, and even a funeral in the past to entertain children and adults.

Our face “paint” is actually highly pigmented makeup, not paint!  Paint is not approved for use on skin.  We can paint both face and body*.  Our full faces go much faster than cheek art, though you may be tempted to think little cheek art would be faster, we can do a full face at about 3-5 minutes per face!

Face painting is priced hourly, please contact us for a quote for your event.

I’ve also been doing makeup on several movie sets and I love this work. I spend some extra time on instagram going between glamour makeup and body art!

*we only paint skin that can be exposed in public unless hired for private events where it is discussed ahead of time.