Making Prosthetics for stage

I’ve waited weeks to be able to talk about and show you the process of making prosthetics for a show recently. I signed on to do makeup for “shrek the musical” in our hometown.  I love being at our theater when I can make it happen and even though I volunteered as tribute for this, Continue reading

Halloween Makeup

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year.  Partially because it’s face painting season, and partially because its cooler outside, but mostly because all the amazing halloween decorations I pretty much consider home decor.  I’m not kidding, I’m a huge fan of skulls and bats in various corners of my home.  Judge me later, Continue reading

Everyday, media, theater, and face painting makeup.

Lets talk about the different types of makeup I’ve been working with lately. I’m a fan of makeup, makeup artist in this production {LTO’s Shrek the Musical }, I’ve worked a movie with FX makeup {zombies}, I’m a professional face painter, I put on makeup often over the course of a week…maybe at least once, Continue reading

Shooting in the dark.

It’s coming, Halloween.  Your kids are going to get dressed up and ready and you’re going to grab your cameras (ahem, smartphones) and shoot in the dark.  The evening is most likely going to bring lots of dark photos, blur, and some overuse of flash!  There isn’t much you can do about using a smartphone Continue reading

Shooting Halloween

  I’m a photographer, an artist, a face painter…and… lots of things.  This Halloween, with the help of a friend, we thought why not combine some of those aspects of having multiple artistic talents.  So here I am, painting and shooting faces.  These make for some really interesting Halloween images, or even better, some amazing family photos! Continue reading