About Us

Previously under the name “Something Mystical” we have recently decided to drop the name for something that just makes more sense!


 I am Brandy Wilker and this is my baby.  We started small in Owatonna and slowly grew into something more and more.  Now my three daughters and even my husband can be seen working booths with me at festivals and events.

 I am the only painter out of the crew.  I began face painting in 2009 when I purchased a small book from a local drug store from KLUTZ about face painting.  I started with my kids, then the neighbors kids, then church events…and eventually a business.  A good friend of mine is a professional clown and has been doing face painting and henna for several years.  She helped mentor me in the world of face painting and henna.  She continues to be an excellent teacher and always available to answer questions.  In the past several years I have also gotten to know other face painters and henna artists, becoming part of an amazing network of men and women who do this everyday.
In addition to face and body art I also do henna, paint canvases, draw with pencil and ink, do photography, act, and sing in the car (sorry not publicly!)
I have worked on several plays in the area with makeup and even helped in a feature length movies making some ZOMBIES! The movie also landed me a spot on IMDB!
I enjoy my family, my cats, hockey, and movies.

My oldest daughter, Ana, 16, has had at least one paying gig doing glitter tattoos with me. She worked with me for several years before retiring into being 16 (boyfriends are cooler than working with mom)  Ana is a gymnast at OHS, one of my main models for photography, an amazing musician who plays cello and piano, and a mermaid at the Renaissance Festival.
She enjoys her boyfriend, food, and snap chat.

 My Middle daughter, Paige, 13,  likes to work the front of the booth answering questions and taking money.  She is an artist and has given a shot at some face painting and henna…we have some training to do in that department yet.
Paige likes Lacrosse, Tacos, and Netflix.

 My youngest, Mikayla, 11, (we call her LU) has taken over the glitter tattoo business for Ana.  Mikayla spends lots of time perfecting her books, glitter supply, and her stencil collection.  She takes her job rather seriously.
Mikayla is also a hockey goalie, and speaking of taking things seriously, that is the most serious you will see her.  She loves being on the ice and this year is hoping to become a referee for younger kids games.
Mikayla likes hockey, building things, and her new kitten.

My husband is Mike.  He works hard for his family and has been very supportive of our crazy ideas.  Mike sometimes likes to work the front of a booth for us and talks to people and answers questions.  A lot of time he also gives unsolicited advice for our work, but we let him stick around.
Mike likes his family, his wife, movies, and his wife (yes, twice, I said it twice)